Methodology for examining perceptions of EU mobility in sending countries

While there is a significant body of research around the effects of EU free movement for key destination countries, less attention has been paid to how EU mobility impacts upon those countries which typically ‘send’, rather than ‘receive’ migrants, and how governments, employers, and other stakeholders think about these impacts. 

The REMINDER project set out to remedy this imbalance by conducting a series of interviews with stakeholders in two key sending countries, Hungary and Slovakia. They also consulted with stakeholders in one the key destination countries for Hungarian and Slovak mobile workers Austria. Those interviewed included local governments and administrations, trade unions and employer organisations, and academic experts. Interviews were conducted in the native languages of the participants, who were able to remain anonymous to ensure they felt comfortable sharing information with the researchers.

I’d like to read the full report on the real and imagined impacts of migration on 'sending' countries