Migration in the European Union

Free movement of workers is a fundamental principle of the European Union and an integral part of Member States’ economies and societies.

While the principle is basic, the practicalities involved in implementing free movement are extremely complex. An extensive policy framework of work authorisation, access to social and tax advantages, and mutual recognition of professional qualifications interacts with a range of public attitudes toward migrants and migration, media coverage, and the effectiveness (both real and perceived) of Member States’ execution of policies.

The interconnectedness of migration patterns, policy, attitudes, media and governance means that any attempt to study one piece of the puzzle without considering the others is bound to give a misleading picture.

The REMINDER project is a large-scale attempt to address the full spectrum of social and economic consequences of migration within the European Union and how this phenomenon is reflected in media, policy and public opinion around Europe.

The project’s work is divided into five major themes:

Numbers: What do we know about patterns of EU migration? Who is moving where, when, and why?

Impacts: What are the major impacts of intra-EU mobility? This section will present our research on labour market and public service impacts.

Media: How has intra-EU mobility been covered by media outlets in Europe? What accounts for the different ways in which the topic is treated?

Attitudes: What do people in the EU think about free movement? What factors influence people’s views about this topic?

Governance: What are the major laws and regulations governing free movement in Europe? Are they adequate and how could they be improved so that free movement works for everyone?

In fact, all these themes are connected: they impact upon one another in a range of different and complicated ways.

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